1: Rental Activity

Sigmaweb, Lda. (Baby Care Trip), with taxpayer no. 505 207 370, offers a baby equipment rental service, within the limits of its stock.

2: Equipment

A Sigmaweb, Lda. (Baby Care Trip) is committed, in renting the equipment in perfect conditions of hygiene, security and functionality. The rented equipment is cleaned between each rental.

3: Rental period

The minimum rental period is 3 days and up to 30 days maximum. The rental takes effect when the equipment is made available to the lessee. This date is set on the delivery tab. Every day from the date of lifting the equipment are due. The lease ceases on the day when all equipment is returned by the lessee or picked up by the store. The entire rental period is billed to the renter regardless of the events that reduce the number of rental days.

4: Equipment Supply

The lessee confirms receipt of the equipment that is rented, clean and in good condition for use, according to his / her choice, and Sigmaweb, Lda. (Baby Care Trip) is not responsible for choosing the equipment.

5: Use of Leased Equipment

a) Responsibility of Sigmaweb, Lda. (Baby Care Trip): The owner undertakes to deliver the rented equipment and keep it in accordance with the purpose for which it was rented. The owner guarantees to the renter the replacement of the equipment in the event of any defects in the rented material that prevent the normal use of the equipment, but does not guarantee hidden defects. Sigmaweb, Lda. (Baby Care Trip) must check the condition of the equipment at each return of the equipment.

b) Lessee responsability: The lessee must protect the rented equipment against any degradation. The lessee must use the equipment according to its function. The lessee agrees to keep the equipment in good condition, to use it, according to the usage requirements, respecting the safety instructions. If, after use, the equipment is damaged (stained fabrics, torn strips, maltreated chassis, damaged wheels, damaged mechanisms ...), the lessee will have to pay the amount corresponding to the arrangement. If the rented product is damaged in any way, rendering it unusable and unfit for rent, the security deposit will be fully paid for by Sigmaweb, Lda. If there are missing accessories or parts, the value of these will be deducted from the value of the deposit, without any possibility for the lessee to claim this situation. Any change to the leased material is formally prohibited. The lessee agrees not to lend, sell or sublease the rented equipment.

6: Limitations of liability

a) Theft / loss: The renter is fully liable in case of theft or loss of rented equipment. Sigmaweb, Lda. (Baby Care Trip) declines all responsibility and the security deposit will be retained in its entirety.

b) Inappropriate use of the material: Sigmaweb, Lda. (Baby Care Trip) shall not be liable in any case for damages caused to any person or property resulting from the incorrect use of the material in question.

7: Return / return of material

The returns are made at the place combined with the customer, or at the Sítio do Bebé store, at the following address: EN 125, Cascalheira, nº 673 A, Quatro Estradas, 8125-018 Loulé. If the equipment is not delivered within the stipulated period, the value corresponding to the next tranche of the current tariff will be charged.The maximum rental period being 30 days, if the equipment is not delivered by this deadline, the security amount will be fully charged.

8: Payment

The rental price is determined based on the length of time the equipment is available (see price list, attached). The total rental must be paid in cash, debit card or credit card at the time of delivery of the equipment.


A deposit will be charged to the renter, the amount of this deposit varies according to the rental equipment (see price list). Sigmaweb, Lda. (Baby Care Trip) undertakes not to deduct the deposit during the term of the lease and to return it upon receipt and verification of the leased product, if all the conditions defined are respected.

All of the above is accepted and agreed upon between Sigmaweb, Lda. (Baby Care Trip) and the Lessee, without prejudice to either party in its entirety demanding compliance with these general conditions.